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Being a good friend has always been high on your priority list. You work hard to build and maintain relationships and you are lucky to have strong friends in your corner. You’ve seen each other through babies and career moves. Postpartum depression and school bullies. But now you’re in uncharted territory. Something you feared would enter your circle at some point, but hoped never would.

Your best friend has called you and said the D-word. Through tears, she sobs out that she and her partner have filed for divorce. The line goes quiet and suddenly, it’s your turn. But what are you supposed to say? You’re surprised, shocked even. You had no idea her marriage was that bad. I mean when the girls would all get together there was the occasional husband venting session. About dirty dishes and who wouldn’t take out the garbage. But nothing she said ever seemed out of the ordinary. You’re still on the line and you can hear her quiet sob. Almost an invitation to you- “please say something that will stop this from hurting.” This seems like too big of a task- you aren’t prepared for this! …


Harper May

Lover of writing, babies and good coffee.

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